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Small Businesses for Space Ops
Raymond Kahre

Small Businesses for Space Ops!

Hear from our VP of Public Sector as he discusses the comments on partnerships with small businesses from Major DeAnna Burt, who directs operations and communications at Space Force headquarters.

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Process Mapping Your Way to a Better Fututre
Adapting to Change
John McDermott

Process Mapping Your Way to a Better Future

Whether it’s your morning work routine, how you check your emails, how you respond to requests for proposals, or even shopping for groceries, they are all processes that can CONTINUOUSLY be IMPROVED. However, in many organizations, no one person can describe the complete series of activities required to move a customer’s request into a product or service.

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Agile Transformation
Adapting to Change
Zack Brown

Looking to Boost your Agile Coaching Career?

Our Agile Practice Director, Zack Brown, takes us through a journey of how to attend a conference without actually attending in person. This “Level Up” series is meant to help Agile Practitioners take their education to the next level.

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Employee Welcome

Employee Welcome: Ed Santandrea

“To presume those before you did not know what they were doing, likey means you don’t understand the situation completely” – the wise man himself, Ed This is Ed With

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