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We’re here to help deliver your Digital Transformation vision. Our human centered, small batch, low code approach helps deliver a series of quick wins while laying the foundation for enterprise scale. We’ll help your team manage change, develop digital skills and apply agile principles for sustainable success. Whether it’s a scratch implementation, integration or custom innovation, we have the expertise to maximize all the awesomeness the Salesforce Platform has to offer!

Salesforce Cloud Experience
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Clarus Group works with our clients to review processes and provides an enterprise-level view of your company’s strengths and weaknesses. We aim to deliver potential solutions to streamline operations and enhance business performance and our reviews will contain:

  • Business process summary and scope review
  • Current system findings and discoveries
  • BPR recommendations and solution roadmap
  • Deployment plan and cost-benefit analysis

Companies rely on high quality data to run efficiently, improve sales and communicate effectively with internal and external stakeholders. Clarus Group reviews and analyzes the validity of your existing data within Salesforce. Our Data Quality Assessment will focus on:

  • A comprehensive review of your existing Salesforce data
  • A complete analysis and data quality report
  • Lead and contact scenarios for master record identification
  • Exact proportion of bad data to overall data
  • Data quality control solutions to cleanse and maintain health of data

The use of CRM applications often changes and evolves over time. Usage may evolve inefficiently without proper standards in place for architecture, governance, process automation, and data management. Clarus Group has vast expertise in customizing and redesigning CRM applications. We tailor a core set of proven methodologies to improve user experience, streamline process, and reduce administrative burden.

There are many risks involved in migrating or consolidating CRM platforms. Best practices in data management and process integration are crucial. If your organization is leveraging multiple systems across sales, marketing and service teams, we can help you build a centralized platform. Our team works with you to break down silos, enhance reporting capabilities, and inspire collaboration.

For clients who are interested in dedicated resources for:

  • Break/Fix Support
  • Training
  • Quick Documentation to resolve ad-hoc concerns
  • Platform research
  • Reporting/Proactive monitoring of automations

For clients with a new idea or a new license for Salesforce Marketing Cloud, Clarus Group can assist you with:

  • Configuration of New Business Unit/s
    • WAC (Web Analytics Connector)
    • RMM (Reply Mail Management)
    • Configuration of Business Rules in the account
  • Data Discovery
  • Data Implementation
  • New Reports
  • New Automations
  • New Journeys
  • New Data Imports
  • New Triggered Emails
  • New Ad-hoc Emails
  • New Outbound Data Exports
  • IP Ramp Up processing/recommendations.

For clients who are less sure of what they might need, Clarus Group can assist with the following:

  • An audit of an existing solution, either a specific process within a business unit, or an entire business unit/account.
  • Journey Mapping: a hybrid workshop/training session to walk through options for Salesforce.
  • Process Optimization/Automation

Why Salesforce?

Salesforce originated in 1999 when Marc Benioff decided to charge forward with his CRM initiatives. He wanted a system that would help him manage relationships with his customers. Through the years, Salesforce has grown to acquire companies like MuleSoftTableuMapAnything and CloudCraze to become the most robust, powerful, and comprehensive piece of technology this world has ever seen. Their mission, since the beginning, has been to bring both customers and companies together. So far, they’re dominating, and our job as partners is to help this initiative and make sure you soar with the solutions provided.

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