Change Management

Change Management

What is Change Management?

Our guiding principle is this: change management should be an integral component of every project to maximize return on investment and achieve full realization of stated project benefits. It’s the “people side” of new system implementations and process improvement efforts that typically get overlooked in project plans, but often is the side that puts a damper on overall project success. Our Change Management toolkit and methodology can help make your next project a resounding success.

Our approach focuses on:

  • Increasing probability or project success
  • Managing employee’s resistance to change
  • Increasing user adoption
  • Closing the gap between requirements and results
  • Maximizing the return on investment
  • Delivering increased value and realization of benefits

How Process Improvement Can Help

Clarus Group views business process transformation as a continual journey to design and implement processes that dramatically improve performance and provide improved value, quality, and responsiveness to customers and stakeholders. Optimizing business processes will help your bottom line and return on investments whether it’s improving efficiency, productivity, customer satisfaction, or profits. Our flexible approach is designed with the client in mind, as our methodology is based on a system of tools and principles geared toward eliminating unnecessary, time-consuming steps and wasteful time-killers that reduce the capacity of an organization to focus on what matters most.

Sounds simple enough, but it’s the planning, executing, and evolving on those improvements where it gets complicated and sometimes overwhelming for organizations. A key aspect of our approach centers on ‘Respect for People,’ where Clarus Group believes that mutual respect at all levels within an organization is an important quality that lean organizations should possess. Fundamentally, Clarus Group seeks to work with businesses and organizations seeking to refine their basic processes and systems to meet changing customer and stakeholder needs more effectively.

Process Improvement Offerings Clarus Group Provides:

Value Stream and Business Capability Mapping

VSxC. Our personal favorite. It’s a cross mapping of a company’s Value Streams and Business Capabilities that provides a roadmap to Business Transformation. This unified view highlights the most critical capabilities a business possesses in order to achieve success and conversely VSxC showcases gaps in an organization that may be negatively impacting customer satisfaction. As a touchstone for impactful Business Process Reengineering or Technology Enhancement initiatives, Value Stream and Business Capability cross mapping also gives you the information you need for strategic planning, future investments, and root cause analysis. Contact us today to get started!

Change Management Team

John McDermott is our trusted Vice President of Solutions Delivery here at Clarus Group. As a certified PMP and Business Analyst, John is a seasoned veteran at scaling businesses and delivering value to our clients. Process Improvement is a passion of John’s, as he dedicates his time implementing strategies – both internally and externally.

Ujjwal is a Certified Business Architect (CBA), TOGAF Level II, and also one of the original Clarus Group employees. Similar to a house that needs a blueprint, businesses need an outline that defines who does what within your organization. Business architecture works side by side with change management to improve the overall internal process.

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