Agile Metrics

Measuring Success

Are you struggling with how to measure the success of your Agile teams?  Agile Metrics are difficult to implement well.  Most teams understand velocity through burn-down charts. Story points and Business Value are frequently used but are concepts many people do not feel comfortable with. Leaders want to see actionable insights, but that can sometimes pull away critical time from teams looking to deliver value.  So, how do you get the balance right?   

We find organizations fall into two traps when setting up metrics:

  1.  Not committing to using the metrics to critically manage work, and
  2.  Measuring too many things
Data Driven Coaching - Agile

To avoid these traps, ask yourself these critical questions:   

  • What is the outcome, business value or business goal I hope to achieve?  
  • What behaviors am I creating in teams that work towards these metrics? Is that ultimately good for business partners and our end users?  
  • How do the metrics I am setting up compete? Do they balance each other out or are they pushing us too far in one direction?  
  • What do we need to manage today and how is that different from what we need to manage tomorrow?

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