Agile Transformation

Successful Agile Transformations Start with Why

Clarus Group believes you need to be prepared to grow, whether you have decided to use the Scaled Agile Framework to scale, or you are just starting to experience the pains and complexity that comes along with organizational growth.  

As a small but powerful group of Agilists, we have experience with most named methods of scaling (and descaling), and we’re skilled at figuring out why you might pick one approach over another. 

We are hands-on coaches that don’t rely on or sell one method. We start with where you are and define an Agile Transformation together, with clear outcomes based on proven industry success. We coach and work together alongside you as the Transformation happens and measure and communicate growth and success based on your key business outcomes. 

Agile Transformation Playbook - Step by Step instructions to SUCCESS!

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